History Of Kashmir

It is stated that history of Kashmir can be traced from the time of Mahabharata war. At that time Gonanda II was reigning over Kashmir. It was around 653 Kali Era. Another milestone in the history of Kashmir was added by King Ashoka. He laid the old city of Srinagar. After King Ashoka his son Jaluka came to the throne. He removed the oppressing tribes Malechas from the region. later son King Damodar II ascended the throne. It is an accepted fact that for two hundred long years Indo-Greek Kings namely Huska, Juska, and Kanishka ruled the land. The ancient Kashmiri temples were built by them in Greek architectural style. Later these were depicted on the coins of the land.

Khemgupta in 950 came to the throne but did not live long enough. In 980 his wife Didda ascended the throne. She made her relative Sangramraj her successor. Mahmud Gaznavi attacked the fort of Lahara in Poonch but was unsuccessful. Before this two queens Yashovati and Sugandha had ruled the Kashmir region. King Harsha ruled the region from 1089-1101 AD. Later 1155-1339 AD the region was torn apart by intrigues, quarrels, conflicts. Udayan Dev was the last Hindu King to rule the place. He died in 1339 and Muslim rule foundation was laid. Muslim ruled for 222 years. Sultan Sikander Butshika is considered the worst ruler among them all.

Mughal period began from 1587 till 1752. It was a period peace and prosperity in the region. Akbar constructed new town close to Hariparbat and named it Nagar-Magar. Jahangir was mesmerized by the scenic appearance of the land. The emperor constructed Shalimar and Nishat Gardens close to Dal Lake. Aurangazeb was in Kashmir In 1665. The Mughal rule was challenged by Afghans in 1752. The rule lasted till 1819. The Afghan rulers were dictators and incited terror in the minds of the locals. They robed the local of their wealth. This reduced the prosperity of the region. In 1819 Kashmir was annexed to the Sikh Kingdom of Punjab. The Sikh reigned only for a short time. Nothing was done to improve the condition of the general public. People were miserable and natural calamities and diseases added to their woes. People in huge number migrated to India.

Indo-Aryan Dogras ruled from 1846 till 1957. India became independent in 1947 and Kashmir was an independent state ruled by Hari Singh. He decided to make Kashmir part of India because of similarity of culture. This agreement was signed between Lord Mountbatten and Raja Harisingh. This had long lasting repercussion on the state.

Kashmir is an important tourist destination. Adventure tourism attracts national and international crowd. Peace prevails in the valley now and tourism has revived as before.

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